The idea

Thibault Ledesma decided to return home to Mauritius, with his concept to showcase the local ingredients of Mauritius. His vision included a place where everyone can enjoy locally sourced products. With a focus on sustainability, he provides a unique service. This new and fresh restaurant meets the growing expectations of consumers in terms of “eating better”.

Think Local

Eating local is about supporting local farmers and businesses where you can. It means thinking about where your food comes from, how far your food travels, and what is in season. If you are eating ethically sourced and locally grown food that is in season now, you know the food is fresh. Fresh food has a higher nutritional value than produce transported long distances.

Waste minimisation

By having respect for ingredients and getting the most out of each product, we strive to minimise our waste impact on the island. Having worked in kitchens for over 15 years, I have seen a lot of food go to waste. This will lead us to educate staff on all aspects of food and the hospitality industry. We want to create a network of suppliers and farmers unique to Mauritius that will allow the exclusivity of certain products and transmit this seasonal culture to consumers.